Wednesday, November 18, 2015

No More Excuses: Peyton Manning

Can we announce the joint going away parties for Kobe and Peyton Manning already?  On the other hand, it is entirely too much for the media machine to handle.  We do not want to destroy that moneymaking brain washing operation for the Kardashians, ESPN, Ronda Rousey, or the NFL.  

Peyton Manning cannot throw a 30-yard spiral because his foot hurts.  Arguably, the stupidest think ever heard.  The quarterback has permanent nerve damage that affects arm strength and struggling for past two years.  Do you think the Colts would let him go for nothing in return if value remained?

Manning is not relevant and still peddling crap on every commercial.  The marketing machine cannot let it go, which makes his demise the final chapter in all great stories.  Peyton did not have to fire the entire coaching staff in Denver last season, but he did to save face. “Once an asshole always an asshole” comes to mind.  Someone needs to take blame for shortcomings every year because Manning will never.  The Bears fans are happy as hell taking John Fox and company from the Broncos.  Chicago is way overachieving this season, moving in the right direction, and favored by -1 (versus Broncos) on Sunday.  In the meantime, Denver’s franchise bulb just went out last week against the Kansas City Chiefs.   
At this point, the public is just waiting for Peyton Manning to get out of their life. Only the media does not understand this reality.  Get Manning off every commercial and have every commentator get off his nuts.  Especially, when currently playing quarterback as a shell of his former mediocre self.  The always self-described, marketed, and then brainwashed storybook career of Peyton Manning is in the final chapter.  Can we all “cut through all the crap” and stop pretending as if everybody loves Peyton.  This makes understanding what is really happening this week clear. 

Q:  How does the real reason Manning is sitting out this week not cross anybody's mind?  

Let us all forget about the front foot hurts excuse given by the Broncos and force fed by the media.  How does a sore front foot affect every throw made on the field?  It does not!  If the front foot hurts, why does he throw only 20 yards off the good back leg?  Did you see that play last week when the receiver was wide open and the throw made it half way?  The foot injury is just another excuse for poor play and this week’s benching. He will be back after the Bears matchup.

People are afraid to say something about this turd because he is vindictive and spiteful.  What is to like about someone like that?  Analysts kiss his ass on television and start any negative comments out timid with, “You know I love and respect Peyton Manning…Who cares how you “feel” about him when analyzing quarterback play?  Skip all that nonsense commentators read off the prompter and get on with some facts.  Let people know the quarterback is a dick off the field and currently just a washed up athlete.  We heard enough lies over the years about the myth of Peyton Manning.  Let us all be honest for a minute.  Read this:


The real reason the quarterback is sitting out is because the entire Bears coaching staff is the former Broncos coach.  The Chicago defense would be coming hard and chuck and duck on bad wheels could cause further injuries.  Peyton Manning had last year’s Denver coaches fired.  He does this clearly as a defense mechanism to deal with losing.  It also distracts people watching ESPN from the reality of consistent failure during the NFL Playoffs.  

How can coaches lose jobs following a 12 - 4 season and first place in the AFC West?  That is hot.  What type of person/franchise wants to fire coaches after a winning season?  Peyton does, because it takes blame off the quarterback position.  This total asshole move resembles the actions of the "franchise wrecking ball" Herman Edwards.  Every team Herm visited during his career is still horrendous to this day.  (Jets, Chiefs, Browns, Redskins, Chargers, and Tampa)  Can we give Americans back some sanity and send Manning, Herm Edwards, Rousey, Kobe, ESPN, and the Kardshians to another planet?

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