Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Night Football Eagles @ Bears (Week #2)

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This is the 43rd meeting between these teams and the Bears win straight up 70.7% of the time.  Despite the history, betting favors the underdog at a 63% rate with the over getting 67% of the action.   The Dog and Over is what the public is after..  not us.  

Eagles beat the Browns last week and America thinks their rookie quarterback is the next best thing..  he is not.  Betting against a rookie after a single week of success is organic.  Follow up performance after playing a terrible defensive opponent last week.  Is it possible to ever be serious and think critically about the media?  Cleveland just blew a 20 – 2 lead at home against the Ravens. They are hot garbage again this season.  Who cares what the other team did in that meeting. Carson Wentz will face a real coach in John Fox at Soldiers Field Monday Night.. This isn’t North Dakota anymore Toto.  You are not from a Division I power team or named Sam Bradford.  This is not preseason where the coach steam rolled opponents going 4 – 0.  There will be running the football in this close fought contest. 

The Bears fans need this win more than the franchise does.  That is a fact.  A marquee Monday Night game this week and Sunday Night football week 3 versus the Cowboys officially makes the Bears a marketing machine opportunity.  Think about it.  Chicago wins this game and then rides the cities sports emotion.  Those thriving Cubs are a perfect bridge to raping the consumer with products prior to the Holiday season.  Everyone likes a winner, especially all those losers. That is the motivation behind comfortably backing the favorite on a Monday Night.  Liking the favorite, when there is one game, sounds borderline psychopathic if you follow Ripe Picks religiously.  However, making every team 1 – 1 in the NFC North is exciting for the blue collar states.   That is the breadbasket for cold-hearted marketers in the United States.  

The prediction is that neither team scores 20 points becoming a defense showdown.  Figure the final score to be something like 19 -13 Chicago.  Have a nice day.  Our company’s selection is the Bears -3 points.  

Go Bears and get that cash!

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